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This is the ancient science and art of applying pressure to particular points on the hands, feet, ears, or face that has significant health benefits for the coordinating reflex areas.  Every organ and system of our body has coordinating reflex points.  In a reflexology session, I will apply various forms of pressure, beginning with relaxation points.  As you relax, you release tightness and stress.  This release allows the body to flow and do what it wants, namely to bring you to optimum health.  As I apply pressure to certain points, it brings blood flow to both that area as well as the reflex area.  This is the beginning of the healing process.  This explanation of the science behind reflexology leaves out the fact that this modality feels so good.  You become so relaxed during a session that many people zone out into a meditative state or completely fall asleep.  All responses are fine.  In fact, the deep rest experienced in a session is extremely restorative.

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