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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine covers a wide range of tools and practices that I use in a session together.  Energy is.  That is the basic premise of physics. Everything has energy, a certain vibration and frequency. Look around you; anything that you see is emitting its vibration and frequency.  Every organ in our body has its own vibration.  Every emotion has a certain vibration.  We inherently know this, because we will often describe feeling sad or negative energies as feeling low, down, or off.  Any issue that you have, be it a physical or emotional discomfort, can be shifted.  That is what I help you do in a session.  Even if there is no discomfort, a session is valuable in that you learn energetic hygiene.  In our everyday activities we merge into the energetic fields of others all the time and can pick up energetic debris.  It is important to clear ourselves and our field so that we operate at our own optimum vibration.  How we do that also comes from basic physics: energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change form.  When we work together, we are uncovering any lower vibrations or stuck forms of energy that can be shifted, oftentimes just by becoming aware of them, thereby bringing a sense of lightness in the body, an expansion of your own inner light.  All of this equates to greater life force energy in your body.

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Reiki is an established method of working with energy.  Mikao Usui (1865 – 1926), who began teaching in 1922, is credited with introducing reiki to the public.  However, the reiki energy is ancient, and even Usui has credited his predecessors.  Because of a specific meditative experience he had in early 1922, he then developed his own way of using the reiki energy with symbols and began to teach this healing modality to others.  Many practitioners can trace their own study back to the Usui lineage.  In a reiki session, you are fully clothed.  It can be hands on or hands off, and I will feel where your energy is thin, strong, stuck, etc. and rebalance it.


Shamanic Practices

The word shaman essentially means “spiritual healer” or “one who sees in the dark” or “teacher of change”.  It comes from the Siberian Tungus tribe which is indicative of its ancient and worldwide roots.  While the responsibility of the shaman is to transform energy, many cultures view this title as a sacred birthright.  There are elements of shamanism that are very helpful when transmuting dark energy to light.  I often incorporate these elements into a session.  I also appreciate that shamans were revered with no dogma, no sacred text, and no single founder or leader.  These practices are non-denominational and effective across all belief systems.

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