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Wendy Casey


We all have our stories.  I do too.

Like many of you, as I look back I see that I have always been "connected".  To what or whom gets into semantics that many times serves to divide as opposed to unite.  Some say God, some say Universe, some say Allah, some say Gaia.  To clarify, I like to use the analogy of a radio station.  Pushing the power button turns on the radio, then you choose which station to listen to.  The truth is we can all adjust our frequency to tune into whatever "Life station" we choose.  Most respected experts agree that the  next evolution of humankind will be a leap in consciousness.  We will begin to use more than the hitherto 13% of our brains.  Hence, many people are starting to tune in, to expand their consciousness.  This is what I have done and continue to do.  In your session, I am a humble and clear conduit of Ultimate Source Energy, the Highest of the High, Love energy.  Love is the most powerful force in all of the Universe and the quickest way to get you to your best self.

When I was young, I was often in communication with God, the angels, animals, the stars.  I have a vivid memory of being nine years old and writing a five page paper on what was then known as ESP (extra-sensory perception).  I often knew what someone was thinking, what was going to happen next on a TV show or in life.  My sister and I were very telepathically connected and I just understood that there was so much more to this world than is seen or conventionally understood.

Later, also probably like many of you, I turned my focus and attention to the 3-D world of college, getting a job, starting a "life".  Yet, my friends would still get "freaked out" by my accurate "predictions" and inner knowing.

Fast forward and in my mid-twenties my father became ill and died at 49 years old.  His death was devastating to my family and, at the same time, was the catalyst for mine and my sister's spiritual awakenings.  At that point, I became a voracious reader of all things meta-physical.  Too much phenomenon had occurred and continued to occur that convinced me his body had perished, his essence had not.  This learning period also brought me to the world of energy and energy medicine.  I learned that by the time something shows up in the body, it has been trying to get our attention for a long time.

Philosophy:  I believe in the innate wisdom that every body has.  There is most definitely a place and time for our world of western medicine and the time is now for energy medicine.  The two need not be mutually exclusive.  The term "New Age" always makes me laugh as it could not be further from the truth to describe what I do in an Energy Healing Session.  The techniques and practices that I am guided to carry out in a session are as old as time itself.  Through our work together you will regain and increase your sovereignty over your health.  That step alone will benefit every additional step you take in your life.

What to Expect:  You should wear comfortable clothing.  You will lie on a heated comfortable massage table, listening to high vibrational, soothing, instrumental music, or no music at all.  You can ask questions as they arise or wait until the end  You will be fully clothed the whole time.  You may fall asleep; that is fine as it means that what you need to release or integrate will happen more readily for you in an unconscious state.


My Mission:  is to connect you back to your own essence, to spark the memory and spiritual truth that you are more powerful and perfect than you currently realize, to empower you to re-energize your life, to reflect Love back to you, so that you can eventually carry on the healing vibration continuously for yourself.                   


Sheffield, MA / / 413.429.6003

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