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Akashic Records Readings

While there is a great deal of information out there, and certainly the vastness of the Records is beyond current human imagining, put simply: The Akashic Records are essentially a grand library, existing in higher dimensions, and containing a record of every thought, action, experience, intent, emotion, etc. of a person through lifetimes and into the future. 

What to Expect:


In a session, we work together in a calm, meditative atmosphere.  With your permission, I serve as a clear conduit and enter into the hall of your records where I am provided information from your Spiritual Team in a variety of ways that I relay back to you.  There is so much love and admiration for you, here.  This vibration is palpable to everyone with whom I have the honor of reading and provides much healing and encouragement for you.


To prepare for a reading, it is best to abstain from alcohol and/or recreational substances (including natural, plant based ones) for the day before, the day of, and the day after a reading.  In this way, there is much less interference and more clarity.  The next day abstention allows for a more complete integration of the healing which will prevent the sliding back into old patterns and will also ingrain the purity and empowerment received from a reading.  If we are working remotely, I ask that you prepare a comfortable, sacred space in which you will be for the reading.  Be sure the space is clean, private, and as uncluttered as possible.  Light a white candle and arrange any crystals or items of personal power.  


Questions I can ask:


There are many questions you can ask.  The intention that we set is one of high vibrational positivity.  The information coming through is for the highest good of you and everyone connected to you.  The records do not “predict the future” so to speak as they seek to remind you of your own divine sovereignty.  You are a powerful creator being and can take charge of your own future.  


Sample questions include but are not limited to:

  • Who are my spiritual guides?

  • How can I better connect with these guides?

  • What is my current situation trying to teach me?

  • How can I become the highest, best version of me?

  • What are the blocks in achieving my personal growth?

  • What are signs that let me know I am on my best path?

  • What is the connection that (this person) and I have?

  • How can I heal this connection?




Time spent in the records is incredibly healing for many reasons.  First, it is a meditative, comfortable atmosphere with the energy of love all around you.  Second, it offers the perfect guidance for you, because it comes from your own spiritual “team”.  Finally, the insights that are provided are unique to you and organic.  It is as though we are just having a really interesting conversation, as one question leads to the next and the next.  Even if you do not receive the responses you want, you always receive the ones you need, and this is part of the essence of healing.

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