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Wisdom & Healing

Intuitive guidance to your best self through Integrative Energy Medicine

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Health & Healing Services

Welcome.  Good health and vibrancy are within reach.

Our bodies are amazing, truly!  The problem is that many of us have been so conditioned to live in negative states, speaking of health as though it is Russian roulette:  "I don't want to get that disease or diagnosis."  Or sometimes they own a dis-ease or condition:  "my fibromyalgia."  Since recent events, the majority of people have forgotten they even have a fully functioning immune system, never mind the fact that we can boost it by our life choices. We only view the physical, forgetting that the body always works to get us back to the metabolic state of health.

We will work together to clear away root causes of your dis - ease and discover tools that help you work with your body to maintain the vibrancy you desire.

Contact us: or Call us 413.429.6003


Meditation for non-meditators


"When you know better, you do better."  – Maya Angelou

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